Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Thanks for Stopping By -

This is my first Blog and I have no idea how to set it up, etc. - so I might be slow getting it Presentable for Viewing -

PLEASE Hang in there with me and Check back later this week - to see what I have learned and done so far.

I have so much to add and finally decided on the Name for my Blog.

Please SAVE my Blog to your Favorites because I have a lot already written to Post.

1. I am a colorful person and very opinionated
2. and I do not want to be bothered with uptight or persnickety people who are offended by the least little thing
3. or be offended by colorful language - but not vulgar language which I do not use -
4. or by outspoken, opinionated people like myself and probably some others who might leave their opinionated
      comments here
5. and I have so many items to sell - as I am downsizing and concentrating on only purchasing equipment, tools, etc.
       to assist me further in my living in the wild boonies - and I will be posting the link to my newly set up website page
       on this blog and having posts mentioning some of the items I have for sale, etc.
6. and there is no way I want to tip toe around others when this is my blog where I am trying to present and display
       posts that - hopefully will be helpful to others
7. and I only want Adults coming to and using my Blog and Website

NOT PERFECT - ALSO - try and overlook my errors in spelling, grammar, etc. because sometimes I just miss it in proofreading. Although at times, I might sound like it - I am not perfect - ha ha

MY PERSONAL OPINIONS - I will be adding a Disclaimer stating the same as this but more detailed -  that anything I post and detail on this Blog is my own personal opinion and any comments by others is their personal opinion which unless I delete it for violating my Comment Guidelines, I am not liable or responsible for.

VIDEO POSTING - In fact, if I ever learn how - I want to post Videos here - The first being a VHS tape I made in the early 1980s of me hunting for Morel Mushrooms in Mesick, Michigan and it is colorful to say the least. I had the big old VHS Camcorder on my shoulder and taping while walking through the woods with my Father and Mother. I had not been Mushroom Hunting for years, even though our parents went from every April till the end of May to Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan - foraging in woods on private property of their friends like they have since the 1920s and 1930s as children in their birth State and later on as adults in the different States.

Because of the years that had passed for me - I was very excited when I first saw Morels - and every other time - through my camcorder lens. And - when I stepped right out in the air because I was not watching where I was going and I landed on my butt - but kept the camcorder running the entire time - as I slid down the wet, leaf covered dirt and next to the very small creek below - and kept using my favorite word for poop. Hint - starts with SH.

As I called it - a big gully - that had sides so steep that I had to walk up at an angle while using two hiking sticks - that our Father made from branches he cut and took off all the other smaller branches, leaves, etc. and threw down to me since I had dropped my lucky one he made the first day I arrived there to meet them and before I took this great adventure. I kept falling down due to the slippery leaves on the wet ground dirt, etc. and I thought I was never going to make it to the top unless the owner's came out with a tractor and rope and pulled me out. I finally made it up and out and we all continued on. I also went wild when I saw a certain animals poop and got inside a hollowed out tree and just all kinds of stuff I saw and did.

Later that evening, we went over to the owner's home, which we did every night to gab, drink coffee and have dessert, etc. - and I showed that VHS tape to the owner's, using their VCR player. Well, the owner, Charlie - actually got all teary eyed and choked up and asked his wife to stop the tape so he did not miss anything till he got his composure back. Of course our Mother kept apologizing for my colorful language but they said that was fine.

Like our Father, Charlie was not the type of man who got teary eyed and choked up easily and especially not in front of others. His wife Edith asked him what was wrong and of course I was saying, are you mad at me because I videotaped your property without asking first - which he said Hell No - and we all started laughing. Charlie said that he was born on this property and it had been in his family for over 100 years and during all of that time - as many times as he played and worked on the hundreds of acres and went foraging in all the woods, etc. for wild plants, mushrooms, tapping trees to make maple syrup, etc. - that he had never seen the property like he just did now and it just got to him. He said it was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful and then he got more choked up when he said how I videotaped and described what our Father had shown me by the creek. Well, Edith had put fresh coffee on during this time, so we all took a break and had coffee and homemade buttermilk biscuits with butter she had actually churned that day and homemade blackberry jam. I actually kept my mouth shut and let the others talk about the good ole days and only joined in with the laughing and all. We all went back to watching the video and Charlie never got totally choked up again - but he had Edith stop, rewind and play back the tape many times because he just could not get over it all. And seeing our Father carving his and our Mother's initials on a huge tree - which I cannot remember if I videotape that or not, but our Mother and I watched him do it.

First I have to copy the video from the VHS tape, which I hope it is still good - and then copy it to a computer file and go from there.

SUPPLIES AND OTHER INVENTORY LISTS THAT I HAVE COMPILED TO DATE - And in my personal opinion - IMPO - Darn Good Inventory Lists - I started the main inventory list back in August 2006 when I was preparing to move to the Boonies in Wild Alaska and have added to it ever since.

As always, with most Hurricanes and Advanced Warnings given for other Severe Storms, Blizzards, etc. - there are the Stupid People who refuse to heed the warnings to evacuate - the latest being Hurricane Sandy in late October 2012 and the recent North East and Mid-West Blizzards and Super Storms of January and February 2013 --- caught MILLIONS OFF GUARD.

I just cannot understand how people can read - hear and watch  - Newspapers, TV News, Radio News, Internet News, YouTube Videos, etc. - about Hurricane Andrew, then Hurricane Katrina and EVERY TORNADO and SEVERE STORMS that hits the many States each year and NOT LEARN A THING FROM THEM.


THESE EMERGENCY SUPPLIES - Water Storage Containers to fill; cases of bottled water; canned, packaged and or dehydrated food - quick cooking oatmeal - rice - cream of wheat - grits or their instant equivalents; instant potatoes - Ramen noodles and other noodles; dehydrated vegetables and soups; boxes or cans of saltine crackers; dried bread products called Crispbread - such as Wasa Brand; dried fruit - berries - nuts; instant beverages such as - coffee granules - packets of non-dairy creamer and coffee - grain beverages - tea granules - powdered juices - powdered lemon and lime - powdered milk of your choice; tea bags, coffee bags, etc.; dried powdered butter - cheese - herbs and spices; etc.

OIL LAMPS -  NEVER EVER USE CANDLES for any purpose whatsoever - buy and use oil lamps for inside lightening - you can burn inside using Lamplight Brand Ultra-Pure lamp oil that is non-smoking - odorless - colorless or with color - no pumping and no noise - and of course you must have extra wicks, burners, collars, chimneys, lamp oil, a long handled butane lighter that is refillable, butane refill bottles and boxes of large, wooden Kitchen Matches which by the way you can buy at most Dollar Stores of 500 for $1.00. You still must not allow any children anywhere near these lamps or any other emergency equipment and they must never ever be left on when there is no one in the room. I bought full size 12.5 inches tall Glass oil lamps for $1.50 each at WalMart - yes one dollar and fifty cents each.

CAMPING STOVES and or extra burner stoves - that you must use in a well-ventilated area like - a balcony - rooftop area - carport - or any outside area; ones that use small bottles of propane or can be hooked up to a large propane bottle with an adapter; one burner size that uses butane bottles or propane bottles;

Folding small, metal stoves that use different gels or liquid fuels such as sterno or other brands that you can cook and use inside with denatured alcohol based fuels or diethylene glycol sold under different brand names - Everclear, Yellow HEET, Sterno, etc. with all being non-smoking, odorless, clean burning with non-toxic fumes; small metal folding solid fuel stoves that uses fuel tablets like Hexamine and again all are non-smoking, odorless, clean burning with non-toxic fumes but before burning might have a fish or shrimp smell that most do not find pleasant and you do not want to penetrate your other items in a bug out bag or backpack, etc. so you should keep them stored inside of large, used prescription bottles or other screw on lid containers - there are several well-known, reliable brand names that makes different stoves with cooking sets, etc. and that people state their solid fuel tablets burn longer and cleaner, etc.; or stainless steel wood burning small stoves for outdoor use that uses twigs, leaves, etc. and heats up 34 ounces of water in under 10 minutes and is great for backpacking or camping; and of course you should always use a wind shield around these stoves.

12 VOLT COFFEE MAKERS - beverage or food cookers that plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter that you can add ingredient and cook them such as - instant beverages, instant noodles, dehydrated foods, soups, oatmeal, grits, etc. or just heat up plain water and then pour into a separate metal cooking pot with the above foods, beverages, etc. and cook them that way; or use a 12 Volt immersion heater to heat clear broth or water in a small heat proof container and then add instant coffee, tea, powdered beverages, quick cooking oatmeal, cream or wheat or grits, bouillon cubes, etc.

GENERATORS - that also have a cigarette plug socket - USB charging ports - cell phone charging ports - electrical plug outlets, etc. - a small personal generator that uses gasoline and called a camping or recreational generator of 1,000 watts an up; a larger 3,500 watt to 7,500 watt generator that uses gasoline; or my favorite but still at around $2,000.00 from the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog is the 1,250 watts Solar Power Generator with 2 solar panels and additional solar panels available that can be used indoors while the solar panels collect sunlight outdoors and that you can also charge up using AC electrical power in advance of any known Severe Storm, etc. has excellent reviews and of course does not produce noxious fumes and is quiet.

MAKE YOUR OWN - you can make your own small stoves, outdoor clay ovens, solar ovens, etc. and I am going to detail all of that and much more.  

AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE BS - that you do not have the money to buy these items - IF you smoke anything, drink alcohol, gamble, go out clubbing, etc. every Friday night or several times a week or spend money on anything else that you do not need - such as - magazines, DVDs, video - XBOX - WII, etc. games, shoes, purses, makeup, jewelry or a newer vehicle or extra vehicle, boat, motorcycle, etc. for you or anyone else in your family because you cannot afford it - when you should be stocking up on supplies  to be prepared for an emergency - 
BTW - I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR MONEY - BUT DO NOT BE LIKE MY NEIGHBORS AND COME KNOCKING ON MY DOOR - asking for Bottled Water, Food, Beverages, etc. or to use my extra camping stoves, propane, oil lamps, generator, gasoline, etc. - or show up when I am cooking outside in the carport attached to the garage where my family has cooked during all Hurricanes when the power went out for weeks at a time. Or ask for food when you have a job making a salary of $600.00 to 1K or more a week and I am retired and not making what you are but I am making it. You will be reminded of the detailed Supply List I gave to you and all neighbors starting years ago and every year since then. Worse than that - if you have not left - you will start hearing about how I do without things, all the time that I would like to have, just so I can buy those emergency supplies. Heck, my 1989 Hitachi 32 inch TV finally died in August 2012 and there was no extra money for me to buy another TV till the Thanksgiving Day sale at WalMart where I bought a great name brand, 32 inch flat screen for $148.00. Sure I was busy doing ads and taking photos of items I am going to list for sale on my site and usually only had the TV on for noise anyway; but that does not matter, as I still did without a TV until I decided to spend the money on a new one

And yes, my sibling and I have 2 or 3 of most things because our Father and Mother raised us to be prepared and get the necessary things first. So our parents, my sibling and I all bought our own vehicles, generators, camping stoves, oil lamps, etc. even motorhomes, travel trailers, tents, sleeping bags and all kinds of camping equipment and supplies - because we all lived in our different homes and locations. Now that our parents passed on, we split up their property so both of us now have 2 or 3 of just about all of the main equipment, supplies and tools galore.

Our Father had always been a great mechanic and could work on any vehicle out there and drive anything and was a great carpenter, home and barn builder, plumber, brick mason, block layer, tile layer, painter, etc. even though he was a Chemical Engineer and Manager for the DOD - yep, US Gov DOD, at least he loved them. He was a Spook - all Black Box stuff - Project Blue Book and others that none of us ever knew about. The only thing he did not like was working with electricity and hired someone else to upgrade their home electric and install 220 boxes for their motorhomes and his tools, etc. So we had tools everywhere until a good friend of theirs offered that we could store all the tools and other items we did not want stolen in the climate controlled basement of their business because I cannot live in two places at once and my sibling lives hours away. I even have well drilling equipment for putting in water wells. Thank God my sibling and I have mostly different tastes and wants, etc. because there was no way they wanted that well drilling equipment and I did and there was things they wanted that I had absolutely no interest in so it worked out perfect for us. With our Father's - Mother's 4 air compressors, we each took the 2 we wanted and it just went like that. Even though all of those and all the air hoses and air tools, etc. are in the friend's basement storage area; as we also had our own air compressors, etc.    .

See Ya For Now....